7mm Polyster Bale Press Strapping

7mm Polyster Bale Press Strapping 500m Meters

Production Introduction

safety during work (in contrast to metal straps)

no damage to products (no sharp or cutting edges)

good shock-resistant properties and strong fastening

reliable packaging for wrongly-shaped cargo

easily transported and lightweight

save storage space

resistant to chemicals and various atmospheric conditions (0 to 40 °С)

can be used multiple times

Polyster Baling Strapping.png

Corded polyester Polyster Bale Press Strapping is a strong, safe material specifically designed to fit in to a baling machine or waste compactor to secure compressed baled waste materials. Also known as Balestrap, Baling Tape or Bale Press Strap, it can be also be hand tied to secure compacted bales, drums or awkward palletised products.
Polyster Bale Press Strapping will not tear or fray and is stocked in 9mm and 13mm strap widths on a 60mm diameter core to suit most standard waste compactors and baling machines.

Heavy-grade polyester corded Polyster Bale Press Strapping is stronger than light grade steel
Can be used on loads traditionally strapped with steel
Polyster Bale Press Strapping is non-toxic and will not corrode, rust or stain
Bale Press Strapping has no sharp edges to damage your products or forklift tyre

Polyster Press Strapping is resistant to U.V. and all weather conditions
A size to fit most baling machines and waste compactors
Polyster Bale Press Strapping has a very high capacity to absorb shocks during transport


Product   Category


Band Width

7 mm

Meters per   Roll


Rolls per   Box


Rolls per   Pallet


Breaking   Strength +/-5%

216 kp

Core Ø

60 mm

Box Size   (L x W x H mm)

625 x 312   x 140 mm

Pallet   Size (W x L mm)

1000 x   1300 mm

Common Characteristics

The surface of the non-woven strap is treated with hot-melt adhesive, which ensures the bonding of the individual threads and increases the adhesion of the strip with the clip in the packaging process.

Hot-melt polyester tape ensures fast and reliable packaging of your goods. It is resistant to outdoor storage under different climatic conditions. UV resistant, temperature range from 0 to 40 С. Easy and fast packing without the need for expensive equipment.


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