Baling Press Strapping Coils x2 (25mm x 500 Meters).jpg

Baling Press Strapping Coils x2 (25mm x 500 Meters)

Baling press strapping is made in the China of a specially packaged form of HotMelt polyester strapping. It is suitable for use in all cardboard and plastic baling machinery. BSTSTRAP bale strapping, baling strap or baling tape utilises a special design and smaller cardboard core. As a result, the KK range of bale press strapping can be used with most common baling presses.

Baling Press Strapping.jpgBaling Press Strapping .jpg

Polyester textile hot melt strapping and baling straps from china are available in 9mm rolls, 13mm rolls, 16mm rolls and 25mm rolls.

As well as being suitable for use in popular bale presses and strapping tools, this hot-melt polyester tape strapping is also ideal for securing loads. Manufactured by Linder in Germany of high tenacity polyester yarns it is as strong as steel strapping, but more flexible and safer to handle.


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