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40mm Woven Cord Lashing Strapping


Woven cord lashing strapping is the process of safely securing shipping containers on the cargo ship.

The shipping containers are loaded onto the cargo ship, then they’re secured together with the containers below them and into the ship’s structure itself.

Woven cord lashing strapping is done using different cargo securing equipment like twist locks and lashing rods.

Twist locks are inserted into the elongated holes of the container’s corner casting, causing the rotating lugs of the locks to engage. This locks the containers together and secures them well into place.

Composite strapping and dunnage bags are also used to prevent goods from getting damaged by heavy impact during the lashing or shipping process.


Product Category


Band Width

40 mm

Meters per  Bag


Breaking   Strength +/- 5%

5000 kp


customized color and printing

Lashing Features:

●High tensile strength

●Easy handling

●Suitable for all carriers

●Combinable with other cargo securing systems – e.g. dunnage bags

●One-way strapping for securing (Lashing) on flats, rail and in containers

●No risk of injury for shippers and consignees in using or opening the strapping

●Alternative to expensive ratchet straps and bulky binding wires.

Instructions for use:

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Woven cord lashing strappings are suitable for all light and heavy packaging, securing large items and awkward loads in

various applications and sectors, these straps can effective alternative to steel strapping and part of chain.Common industries

that benefit from high-quality interal container lashing straps include steel tube,aluminum ingot, motor,wood,pallet,cartons,

mining and resources, oil and gas, offshore and marine,freight forwarding,logistics packing and other packing.

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