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Our cross Woven bale press strapping is safer, stronger and cheaper than steel strapping, making it the perfect choice for securing heavy items, belts and irregularly shaped items without damaging the product.

Very heavy items require appropriate securing, especially during internal transport. Woven bale press strapping were created specifically for this purpose and are essential equipment mainly in warehouses and stores offering heavy equipment, as well as in transport companies. They are perfect for use with electric and hand welding tools that use a hot wedge system or vibration. Woven bale press strapping will also be suitable for machines that use metal and plastic welding clasps. These straps are therefore an excellent option for packing any item and will be useful in companies that require high resistance to the highest loads.


Product Category


Band Width

19 mm

Meters per  Coil


Breaking   Strength +/- 5%

580 kg


customized color and printing


●Cheaper than steel strips or wire

●Safer use, handling and disposal

●Up to 4 times lighter than steel strip or wire

●Cleanliness; it does not stain or rust the products

●Non-abrasive, non-staining

●Flexible memory holds the load

●Requires only one tensioning tool

●In some cases it can be tied by hand

●Edge guards may not be needed

●Available in vibrant colors,can be printed with logo, product and promotional information


Woven bale press strappings are suitable for all light and heavy packaging, securing large items and awkward loads in

various applications and sectors, these straps can effective alternative to steel strapping and part of chain.Common industries

that benefit from high-quality interal container lashing straps include steel tube,aluminum ingot, motor,wood,pallet,cartons,

mining and resources, oil and gas, offshore and marine,freight forwarding,logistics packing and other packing.

Bale Press Strapping.jpgBale Press Strapping.jpg