Polyster Bale Press Strapping is a strong, safe and environmentally friendly material. It is also called baler strapping, hot melt strapping, textile strapping, etc. The baling strap is made of a high-strength polyester fiber structure coated with hot melt adhesive on both sides, which gives the baling strap a waxy feel and greater plasticity than composite materials.

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Advantages of baler strapping:

-Easy to use (only tension and metal buckle required)

-Light weight (several times lighter than steel and plastic steel belts)

-Not easy to corrode (unlike steel strips, which do not rust and are not affected by other chemicals)

-Trauma safe (no special tools required to protect the packaging and packaging of goods)

-High tear strength

-Impact resistance (the ability to resist wear and impact loads during transportation or loading and unloading work)

-Elastic material (does not damage packaged goods, does not require angle protection)

-Possibly a secondary use of the strap itself and the metal buckle.

Specifications of baler strapping:

(Width, meter, and diameter can be customized. More information can be obtained through the following contact information.)

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