Woven Polyester Strapping is used to secure medium to heavy items, for storage or transit, while providing a high-level of reliability. A perfect alternative to steel banding, our woven strapping offers many benefits. Firstly, it is much better at retaining any applied tension over long periods of time and is less susceptible to tension relaxation, caused by variations in ambient temperature. Woven straps also remain tighter than other steel strapping systems on loads that contract or become compressed.

With a range of options that include different lengths and breaking strains,  Woven Polyester Strapping is a viable alternative to ratchet lashings and steel banding for one-way strapping systems.

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Also known as Woven Polyester Strapping, Woven Strap, Woven Strapping.

Strong Strapping Solution

Woven Polyester strapping comes in rolls and is often seen as a replacement for steel banding due to its strength.

Woven Strap equals the breaking strain of steel strapping but is only 16% of the weight for similar specification.

Woven Cord Strapping Features:

Shock Absorbent

Light Weight


Strong as Steel

Weather Resistant

Fast and Easy to Handle

 Weather Resistant

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Unaffected by extremes of temperature or humidity and easy to handle, with no sharp edges to injure operatives or product.

Additionally, Woven Polyester is safer to cut (than steel banding) when under tension due to its material properties reducing the chances of whiplash back into the operator.

Woven Strapping is used with:

Phosphated Buckles

Woven Strap Dispenser

Strap Tensioner

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